Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wireless USB / UltraWideBand Networking - fast, low power, local wireless

I started talking about wireless video from mobile devices before I discovered that the technology is well under way, chip-sets are available and its using a cool new technology that has lots of nice characteristics including very low power usage.

Infoworld on Game Changing Technologies

Nice review of UltraWideBand networking.

Summary of news on UWB, including HD video output.

Monday, March 17, 2008

eComm08 Millicomputing Talk

Here is a nice picture by Duncan Davidson of me,  speaking at eComm.

The talk went well and the conference was excellent. Very well setup and run as a single stream of short talks. The Computer History Museum in Mountainview was an inspired choice of venue.

My slides in pdf form at at this link.

The talk is a more technical version of the BIL talk I gave a few weeks ago. It is focussed on the next few generations of mobile devices - "The Future In Your Pocket". Some key ideas from the talks and discussions I had on this subject at BIL and eComm08:
  • Pocket devices double capacity every year (laptop every two years)
  • Intel will drive power down further to compete with ARM
  • Intel x86/x64 in my pocket means I can use desktop versions of apps like Skype
  • Wireless high-definition video out is a key new feature we could use today
  • It's a server in my pocket, web services, video streaming etc.
  • More performance at lower power in the future allows always-on services
  • Ambient presence placing OpenAL 3D audio sources in the back of your head
  • Stereo audio sunglasses with video camera, heads-up display
  • Brainwave sensor (See Neurosky) input controller, records your stress/mood
  • Lifelogging - permanently archive everything you hear, see and feel
  • Telepathy - real-time, many to many lifelogging - immersive relationships
  • Virb-ing - virtual/real blending Second Life or WoW into lifelogs and telepathy
  • The killer app for teenagers in 2010 perhaps?