Monday, December 17, 2007

Intel's Low Power Roadmap from CES - Menlow, Moorestown, PATA Z-P140

Some new information released from Intel emphasizes low power devices with their Menlow architecture for 2008, and Moorestown for 2009/10, and states that Solid State Disks based on Flash are the future. They have a high speed parallel ATA interface (PATA) to a module that is 12x18mm, i.e. around the size of a miniSD format, bigger than microSD. However it runs at 40MByte/s read and 30Mbyte/s write speed with an ATA command set, rather than microSDHC C4 at 13MByte/s or C6 at 20Mbyte/s. The Z-P140 runs at 1.1mW idle, and 300mW operating, and has a 2.5Million hour MTBF.

Menlow looks as if its heading down into the millicomputer territory (i.e. entire CPU and memory less than 1000mW), and moorestown is another 10x reduction in power consumption.

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