Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Emerging Communications Conference - EComm March 12-14

The EComm Conference is a spiritual successor to last year's O'Reilly ETel conference (I was there). It's the brainchild of Lee Dryburgh, who took over when O'Reilly decided not to repeat ETel, and has created a very interesting conference with a lot of good speakers.

Its taking place at the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, CA March 12-14th. The speakers are rapid fire in short time slots, and I'm presenting on Millicomputing on the morning of March 14th for 15 minutes...

I'm going to focus my talk on a hardware roadmap for mobile CPU's and Flash over the next few years, to give people some idea of the capabilities to expect from portable communication devices, and to discuss the battle that is expected as Intel and ARM come at the market from opposite ends of the spectrum.

On Wednesday 12th, the Homebrew Mobile Phone club will be holding a special meeting in the Museum, held jointly with the EComm event.

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