Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Netflix API - Announcement - Part 3

Here is the official announcement of the API and how to get access to it.

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 1 the Netflix API is open to all:

The Netflix API:

- Allows access to data for 100,000 movie and TV episode titles on DVD as well as Netflix account access on a user’s behalf
Netflix has more than 2 billion ratings in its database
Netflix members rate more than 2 million movies a day
Netflix ships more than 2 million DVDs on a typical day

- Is free

- Allows commercial use
E.g. if a developer creates an iPhone app and wants to sell it for $0.99, that’s ok

Technically, the Netflix API:

- Includes a REST API, a Javascript API, and ATOM feeds

- Uses OAuth standard security to allow the subscriber to control which applications can access the service on his or her behalf

Developers can get access:

- Starting 10/1

- By self sign up at

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