Saturday, June 23, 2007

Enterprise Millicluster

Taking the components I have already menioned in previous posts, we can assemble them into a small cluster that seems to be a useful size and specification for an Enterprise Server building block. Its a cluster of millicomputers, so we may as well coin the name Millicluster as we go along (and register the etc. domains to point here :-)

Using 8-port USB switches, we could lay out 14 i.MX31 based Millicomputer modules behind a PPC440EPx based Ethernet Bridge that runs Linux so it is general purpose, but it will be pre-configured as a Load Balancer. This gives us a 1 Gbit/sec redundant network (it has two 1 Gbit links in, but only two 480Mbit links to the millicomputer modules). There is a total of 7.5 GHz of CPU, 3.5 GBytes of RAM, and 56 Gbytes of Storage using 4 GByte microSDHC flash memory cards on each Millicomputer.

This depends upon having a high speed 8-port switch, and so far I have found some products from Belkin and D-link that have one upstream port and seven downstream. I'm not sure what chipset they use, but they are inexpensive and have been available for a few years, so this seems reasonable.

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