Monday, August 27, 2007

The Future of Millicomputing

There is a gap between the performance and memory capacity of Millicomputers and mainstream CPUs, that gap is shrinking but how fast, and what are the next steps?

The base technology from ARM can be seen in their Cortex designs. These were disclosed in late 2005, but have yet to appear in actual products. The overall performance is around 3-4 times the performance of the current generation of ARM based devices.

Since Intel sold off their ARM based CPU business to Marvell, it leaves them clear to move their core 32bit x86 platform architecture down into the millicomputing space.

So in the next few years, I expect to see x86 and ARM based system on a chip architectures with overlapping performance and power consumption characteristics in the millicomputing space.


Taalib said...

What about drafting proposing an x

Taalib said...

What about drafting an X-Prize proposal for a data centre with so much processing power for so little watts.

Not sure what metrics you would use measuring performance though?